03. weekend to-do's


  1. start clicking "refresh" until i get tickets to one of bjork's spring performances in new york city. the residency will support the release of vulnicura, her first full album in 4 years. MoMA has announced a bjork retrospective opening on march 7th to coincide with the shows.
  2. head to the record store to pick up my copy of sleater-kinney's fantastic new album no cities to love. it's a thoroughly satisfying listen for longtime fans and a perfect introduction to the band for carrie brownstein admirers who are most familiar with her work on portlandia.
  3. binge-watch season 2 of the fall on netflix. this week's premier is exciting news for those of us who've been hooked since the first season streamed back in 2013. if you haven't checked it out, the eternally awesome gillian anderson is reason enough to hit play.
  4. refrain from purchasing every item in everlane's new winter lookbook. the dreamy color palette is keeping me excited for the next few months of winter in new england.
  1. sit down with a bourbon green tea hot toddy and dig into my new book "show your work" by austin kleon. this was on my christmas list in an attempt to further my creative ventures in 2015. it's chock-full of tips to encourage one to stop worrying and start sharing their creative work.
  2. greenify my apartment! going to head over to niche in the south end to spruce up my indoor plant situation and bring some life into the house. now that winter is in full swing, i am dreaming of spring and this place will do just the trick.
  3. get those pictures developed! i have taken so many pictures over this past year, but where do they go? to no where land. goal: make a soft cover book of images by year, starting with 2014. it would be so nice to have a place to keep all the daily sightings and inspirations in one place to tell a story of my time.
  4. search for a very special local tattoo artist. i have been lusting after each of these hand-drawn, carefully considered tattoos by miso for some time now. unfortunately, a trip to australia is not in the budget, so i am on the hunt for a local artist with a delicate hand, artful mind and precise nature. suggestions very welcome!

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