05. weekend to-do's


  1. tidy up! i just finished reading "the life-changing magic of tidying up: the japanese art of decluttering and organizing" by marie kondo. marie's method is to simply discard any belongings that do not "spark joy". i love the idea of keeping a minimalist home and surrounding myself only with the things i truly love.
  2. treat my sweaters to some tlc. i've been living in my cozy wool sweaters for the past month. to keep them looking their best, i recommend hand-washing them with the laundress' wool and cashmere shampoo. it has a warm cedar scent and is far more gentle on your clothes than dry cleaning. for extra credit, use a sweater stone to gently remove the pills that can start to appear after some wear.
  3. make a theater date. "father comes home from the wars (parts 1, 2, & 3)", is currently at the american repertory theater at harvard. written by pulizer prize-winning playwright suzan-lori parks, the play is set during the civil war and loosely based on homer's "odessy".
  4. start my sunday off at viale in central square. their brunch menu debuted last week to raves and i can't wait to check out the sticky buns and breakfast pizza!


  1. support local music. heading to see kingsley flood on friday night at the sinclair in cambridge. this venue is by far my favorite to both see and play live music. the sound is always great and i am never disappointed by the food and cocktails served up at the restaurant.
  2. give my skin a little love. since i have super sensitive skin, this weekend i am making a batch of raw apple cider vinegar + green tea facial toner. i hate harsh chemical filled toners and the havoc they wreak on my face. green tea has anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce redness and apple cider vinegar restores your skin's natural ph balance. i follow with murad's perfecting night cream to complete my "happy face" routine.
  3. work hard and bliss out at the 4:30 pm all levels yoga class with deep relaxation at the corner studio in medford. with its reclaimed wood beams, natural color palette and jade plant wall, it has a warm and intimate vibe that makes getting into a zen state of mind easy.

stylish and sustainable sweater by zady   
slip cast ceramic vase by clementine porcelain   
beautiful laundry products by the laundress


  1. Love Viale! I went to culinary school with one of the owners!

    1. their brunch was so good! my husband and i came close to ordering everything on the menu!


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