07. weekend to-do's


  1. get comfy. this has been the snowiest week in boston's history. i am, therefore, excited to be planning a quiet, cozy weekend at home. my go-to uniform for lazy days consists of a soft sweater and these pants from hanna andersson. they're basically sweatpants, but stylish enough to be worn in public. truly the best of both worlds.
  2. work on my guitar skills. i am an embarrassingly inconsistent student when it comes to the guitar. luckily, these leather picks from corter leather & cloth have me so intrigued that i can't wait to practice my scales.
  3. listen to the latest episode of invisibilia on npr. it's so nice have a new podcast to fill the dark, lonely space that was left after serial's season ended. invisibilia is an intriguing series about the invisible forces that shape human behavior. just three episodes in and i'm hooked!
  4. finish miranda july's fantastic new book "the first bad man". this novel is hilarious, moving and truly unique. i can't wait to see how it ends/will be sad to say goodbye.

  1. skillshare! i plan on digging into a few online photography classes and testing out new-found skills in my home studio. the lifestyle photography class by marte marie forsberg looks particularly interesting given the photographs we are hoping to share with you on this blog. Forsberg focuses on the art of capturing the beauty in simple, every day happenings in this quick 20 minute how-to course.
  2. craft a cocktail. i recently found a new favorite drink at rivergods in central square: the mark and stormy. this drink, while simple in ingredients, is complex in taste and hits the spot when you're in need of a bourbon drink with a little kick. 1 glass of ice, 1 bottle of ginger beer, 1 shot of makers mark and 1 lime wedge. delicious!
  3. wardrobe planning. i'm hoping my emerson fry spring look book comes in the mail this weekend. i am dying to grab one of their new tie up dresses in black linen as soon as they release it. this dress would be killer layered with a cardigan and boots for the winter and easily transform into a spring staple with simple sandals. i intend to really pare down my wardrobe this year and focus on having pieces that i really love. quality over quantity.