11. beard care

for help in offering some great beard care inspiration, we looked no further than li's magnificently groomed husband, andy. andy's been rocking a full beard since high school, so he's had time to perfect his routine over the years. read on for some of andy's favorite tips and products to keep your facial hair looking its best:

"as with any hygiene or grooming routine, you're faced with the decision of whether or not to be thrifty. i highly recommend spending a few extra bucks to get your beard care game in order.

  1. you'll be happier
  2. you'll look better
  3. you probably won't spend that much more money in the long run

good clippers are essential. 
i like the peanut clippers from wahl. they are small, light and fit great in your hand. no cordless battery means that you get even performance every time you turn it on. 

replace your blades regularly. 
i've yet to be convinced there's anything more to "self-sharpening" other than a marketing gimmick. whatever you do, don't opt for the cheapest clippers you can find in the drugstore; you're only throwing your money away on an inferior product that doesn't work that well out of the box and will break in a couple of months.

detail work is best done with a razor. 
the best option for this is to go online. harry's has a stylish razor handle that accepts disposable blades. again, going with your local mass-retailer will hurt your wallet and your eyes. who wants to overpay for a razor that looks like it was designed by michael bay?

finish up your handy work with natural oils. 
there are so many to choose from, just experiment until you find one you like. i'm particularly fond of this one by fig & yarrow. i find that oil-based products help keep your beard looking even, shiny and well moisturized."

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thanks andy! 

guys, we hope you find these tips helpful in keeping that beard situation fresh and on point.

post shave elixir by herbivore botanicals and hair and scalp tonic by fig & yarrow


  1. I like the tips. I am going to try a couple of these products. Thanks

  2. thanks bill! so glad you found it helpful!