14. weekend to-do's


  1. download the audio version of kim gordon's new memoir, girl in a band. i love listening to an autobiography when read by the author. there is something so compelling about hearing someone tell you their story in their own voice. i'm especially excited to hear one of my all-time favorite artists tell me hers.
  2. head to the mfa to view "back to fort scott", a series groundbreaking photographs taken by gordon parks for life magazine. the photos were never published and are, at last, being exhibited so that they can receive the attention they so richly deserve. you can read more about the photos and parks' career here.
  3. catch a damn good double feature at the brattle theater. this week they're celebrating the work of david lynch. i have a definite feeling it will be an event both wonderful and strange.
  4. snag the comfiest spot on the couch...because house of cards.


  1. sew it up! i have a few yards of some white linen fabric that i bought almost a year ago and it is about to be made into a tunic. after searching around a bit, i found a pattern that i'm set on and going to attempt to get my sewing skills back in check.
  2. practice, practice, practice. getting ready to play a gig with my band parks at atwoods in inman square on march 14th. it is our first gig at a small venue like this in quite some time, so we will be stripping things down and going more acoustic. definitely a show not to miss.
  3. shop loyal supply company. i'm visiting a friend next weekend and want to find the perfect gift. all of their offerings are carefully curated and well designed making it easy to find a beautiful and simple present for anyone on your list.

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