17. weekend to-do's


  1. put on my dancing shoes. i studied ballet for over twelve years and have always missed the opportunity for expression (not to mention the near-perfect workout) that comes with practicing. having a studio like the dance complex nearby, has helped me to overcome my frustration at returning at a much lower skill level. they offer a number of introductory classes as well as transitional ones with more advanced techniques. on days that i don't feel like leaving the comfort of my living room, i've been supplementing with ballet beautiful's challenging videos.
  2. head to the kendall square cinema for some additional inspiration. they've been showing the documentary ballet 422. this film follows choreographer justin peck of the new york city ballet and takes us behind the scenes of his new work.
  3. knit a cozy scarf that will keep a special friend warm through spring. o-wool makes beautiful, eco-friendly yarn spun and dyed by u.s.-based artisans.
  4. stream the new netflix comedy the unbreakable kimmy schmidt. who doesn't love a series centered on a plucky optimist (miss u leslie knope)? and with tina fey as an executive producer, it's a pretty safe bet this one's a winner.

  1. fly to miami- my only to-do's are to relax on the beach and get as much sunshine in two days as possible. see you all next week!

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