19. weekend to-do's

photo: avi weinstein


  1. head over to atwood's tavern to cheer on my girl liz as she performs with her band parks on saturday night. the band is gearing up to release their debut album and this show will be a great opportunity to preview the new songs (word is there will also be a few interesting covers added to the mix).
  2. set aside some time to read vol. 8 of cereal from cover to cover. this is by far the most beautiful travel magazine that i've come across. among the places highlighted in this issue are hong kong, tuscany and the yukon.
  3. continue my daily repeat-listens of seth avett & jessica lea mayfield sing elliot smith. i've always loved their live cover of twilight, and these further interpretations from smith's vast and brilliant songbook do not disappoint.
  4. visit the mfa for two very different but equally intriguing exhibitions. lee mingwei's sonic blossom is the first extended exhibition of performance art in the history of the museum. in this installation, lee will audition and train local soloists for spontaneous performances. and starting saturday, the museum will be displaying the iconic work of herb ritts, whose photographs are among some of the most striking images from the 80's and 90's.


  1. play a rare and intimate concert at atwood's tavern with my band parks. looking forward to sharing the stage with ruby rose fox. and, the rumors are true...we have a few covers sprinkled in and a bunch of new tunes to play!
  2. get familiar with npr's playlist of the top 100 sxsw artists of 2015 which they deem "worth discovering". every year there are an incredible number of artists (both old & new) and the thought of sifting through so many can be daunting. this list is a nice guide to get a taste of what this year has to offer. but this is only the beginning of all the musicians featured at the festival so i plan on using this list to get me started.
  3. get some tasty treats at tatte bakery's newest location on charles st. this sweet little cafe serves breakfast and lunch daily. i can't wait to dig into their muesli with pumpkin & sunflower seeds, honey, sliced almonds and whipped greek yogurt with fruit. sounds heavenly!
  4. do my om thing. i've been reading great reviews recently on rebecca pachecco's book, do your om thing: bending yoga tradition to fit your modern life. after spending some much needed down time this past weekend, i am realizing how caught up in daily life i have gotten and how desperately important it is to get back to a balanced life where i am present and grateful. looking forward to her take on applying the principles of yoga to my own daily routine.

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