24. weekend to-do's


  1. pop in to forge baking company in somerville. they are collaborating with boston general store to host a weekend pop-up shop. i'm looking forward to finding a few special gifts while picking up some tasty treats for myself-i love multitasking!
  2. download tinashe's excellent new mixtape amethyst. this collection follows her debut studio album aquarius, building on the shimmering vocals and flawless production that we have come to expect from her. it's the perfect soundtrack for some weekend downtime.
  3. plan a movie date to see kumiko the treasure hunter. there is so much to be excited about with this film: it has striking imagery, stars rinko kikuchi and boasts an original score by the octopus project.
  4. support local indie fashion. emily vs. bear, a cambridge-based women's wear company, recently launched an indiegogo campaign to expand production of their stylishly sustainable collection. i am always thrilled to find opportunities to be a more conscious consumer - and i can totally see the wool pullover being a year-round staple.


  1. visit the big apple. i haven't been to new york city in quite some time and am looking forward to spending some quality time photographing my good friend and yoga instructor, kristen woods.
  2. get my om on. take a yoga class with one of my favorite teachers (mentioned above). kristen is now teaching at yoga union in nyc where they focus on backcare, posture awareness & the overall spinal health of their yogis. looking forward to checking out their impressive studio and all the new information she has learned since starting at yoga union.
  3. get in the mood. since i will be spending time in the area, i plan on popping into mood designer fabrics to peruse the aisles for new materials to make a few spring skirts and shirts. in all my trips to new york, i have yet to make it to mood!
  4. treat yo self. in complete opposition to my yoga weekend, i'm planning on walking over to the doughnuttery in in chelsea market for a delicious treat. their list of innovative doughnut flavors is long and i have to admit, i'm intrigued by the beer caramel dipping sauce. mmmmmm.

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