25. behind the style: chloe bouscaren

what makes a piece of clothing a favorite piece of clothing? what are the stories that we share with these articles that elevate them from closet staple to treasured possession? each of us has one item in our wardrobe that we reach for again and again - maybe it gives us that extra boost of confidence and security, or it reminds us of a special time or person. these are our future heirlooms.

this series will tell these stories and show the many ways our favorite pieces continue to be reinvented to suit our evolving style. for this first post, we've enlisted the help of the always fashionable chloe bouscaren and her favorite sweater. this is chloe's story behind the style:

"the town of tilcara is tucked away in the northwest corner of the province of jujuy, argentina surrounded by peaks and valleys, cactus and dry climate vegetation. it was in this town at the flea market that i found my alpaca sweater. much like many cities that host artisan fairs on the weekends in their town squares, tilcara hosts a similar event, although theirs, to my surprise and delight, included a game of bingo in which the winner takes home live sheep. mining for treasures and trinkets to take home, i came across what has come to be my favorite sweater and prized possession. while i did not partake in the game of bingo, i did consider myself a winner coming home with my very own sheep rendition. close to the bolivian and paraguayan borders, i was told that it was likely my sweater was knotted by hand in bolivia, although it will forever be my argentine alpaca sweater. alpaca is more or less a south american llama (see photo) - needless to say, very cute, lots of swagger.

while my alpaca sweater is mostly worn in the winter and fall seasons, i have also taken it on numerous camping and overnight excursions. warmer than what seems like any jacket or blanket i own, it has proven to be a comfort to me since i left argentina six years ago. having lived in buenos aires after graduating college, i grew up a lot and learned a lot about myself in the process. perhaps the sweater is a reminder of this growth and the adventures i had in my twenties. it is this little slice of nostalgia in my closet that makes me smile. and admittedly, i have only washed it once..."

-chloe louise bouscaren

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