28. weekend to-do's


  1. break out my colored pencils. i recently purchased secret garden, the beautiful and intricately drawn coloring book by johanna basford. coloring has been shown to boost creativity and reduce stress - i should never have stopped after grammar school. now, to see if i can still stay in the lines...
  2. revisit an old favorite. the recently opened kitchen at club passim gives us yet another reason to catch a show at this legendary harvard square venue.
  3. update my playlists. we'll be on the road quite a bit this weekend and great driving tunes are a must. i plan on putting our april playlist on heavy rotation as well as waxahatchee's new album ivy tripp - beyond that, suggestions would be most appreciated!


  1. get my podcast on. after blasting through serial and invisibilia, i have been on the hunt for a new podcast to fill my morning and evening commute. since i have seem to have a penchant for crime, drama + mystery, it seems fitting to start criminal. each episode is only 18 mins so it makes it easy to devour multiple episodes in one sitting- which i plan on doing.
  2. explore coachella virtually. the good people of refinery29 have put together a playlist featuring their favorite artists at this year's festival. i'm going to throw this playlist on, roll the window down and pretend spring has actually come to boston.
  3. get caffeinated. i am excited to be out and about this weekend on location for a few photo shoots, but that means coffee is going to be a definite necessity. i am loving the pour over coffee at clover food lab and can't wait to grab one at the on the go.

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