30. weekend to-do's


  1. stock up on spring gardening gear. it's finally warm enough to spend time on my deck and i can't wait to fill it with plants. luckily, liz and i will be heading to forge baking company for the boston general store pop-up. i have it on good authority that they will have all the plants and beautiful gardening supplies i need to get started.
  2. observe a work of art in motion. multimedia artist miwa matreyek will be at the ica to perform both friday and saturday evenings. matreyek combines video installation, animation and shadow performance for a stunning, one of a kind experience.
  3. celebrate record store day. i am excited to support my local independent record stores and take advantage of some of the exclusive vinyl selections being released specifically for the occasion. a heart-shaped, acoustic father john misty single? lydia loveless covering prince? a j dilla track that's been out of print for over a decade? - all of these things, yes please.


  1. clean up my act. now that it is nice enough to open the windows, i plan on getting a major spring cleaning in. going to pick up supplies at the boston general store pop-up at forge bakery on saturday. they've also teamed up with luna moss who will be bringing some beautiful bouquets as well. i might be buying an arrangement for each and every one of my newly cleaned rooms!
  2. get up and get out. i'm pup sitting for two rather cute dachshunds this weekend so a little hike is definitely in order. there are some excellent trails in the fellsway reservation that are calling my name.
  3. eat at earl's. my guy and i have been meaning to take his family out for dinner and now that the weather is cooperating, we're going to take full advantage of the patio at earl's kitchen in assembly row. there's something for everyone on the menu and the oven roasted moroccan salmon is calling my name.

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