32. weekend to-do's


  1. support indie cinema. the only drawback of the independent film festival of boston is having to choose between so many intriguing options. two films that i'm especially excited about this year: the tribe, set in a ukrainian boarding school, it's narrative is told purely through sign language and gtfo, a documentary examining the the treatment of women in an increasingly hostile video game culture.
  2. read up on the battle of versailleswritten by pulitzer prize-winning fashion critic robin givhan, this book explores the historical and cultural significance of the 1973 face-off between french and american designers.
  3. get fancy. this weekend marks my one-year wedding anniversary. to celebrate, we're splurging on an extra-posh dinner date. time to break out the fabulous diane von furstenberg dress i snagged off of the real real.

  1. pre-concert cocktails. there are loads of great shows this weekend in boston so to prep for all the fine music, i am going to stop in to viale in central square. i've been there for brunch and if their breakfast cocktails are any indication of the rest of their drink offerings, i am in serious trouble. so delicious!
  2. music night #1: the 36th annual boston rock 'n' roll rumble is happening now. tonight is the last night of the semi-finals and i'll be going to cheer on one of my favorite bands in the competition, eternals. they're working on an album right now and i can't wait to get my hands on it.
  3. music night #2: ben folds at the sinclair. to me, there is nothing better than seeing a big name musician playing a smaller sized venue. ben folds' latest album, recorded over a two week period of time, is a collaboration with ymusic. known for bringing classical and pop music together, these folks have worked with artists such as jose gonzalez, my brightest diamond, and the dirty projectors. i'm looking forward to seeing the creative nature of this album performed live on one of my favorite stages in boston.

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