34. weekend to-do's


  1. #kicksomebrass - i am so excited for brass' spring/summer line! luckily, they are giving us a first look over on their just-launched kickstarter page. pledging allows you early access to reserve the yet to be released dresses. i am currently leaning toward the t-shirt dress, i love having simple, versatile pieces that can be easily packed for a summer getaway. to learn more about the talented entrepreneurs behind this great brand, be sure to check out our profile.
  2. celebrate independent bookstore day. i'll be heading over to harvard bookstore to partake of the exclusive merchandise, author talks and snacks (!) that they have planned for saturday. independent bookstore day is a national event highlighting the value of independently-owned shops. i highly suggest checking out what special activities your favorite local bookstore has planned.
  3. satisfy my foodie fix. directed by david gelb (jiro dreams of sushi) chef's table is an engaging and beautifully filmed documentary series profiling six of the world's greatest chefs. the entire season is currently streaming on netflix.
  4. drop in on some local artists and makers. it's going to be a beautiful weekend and the somerville open studios is a great opportunity to be out and about, interacting with the artists and viewing their workspaces.

  1. wander the great outdoors. there are so many national parks within driving distance that i still have yet to see. this weekend, i'm heading to borderland state park for some hiking and wandering around the property's three-storey stone mansion built in 1910.
  2. listen for a cause. i plan on purchasing axis mundi, the recently released record from the band, brown bird. the duo recorded this collection of songs during band member dave lamb's battle with leukemia. his wife, morganeve swain (and remaining half of brown bird) released the album according to their joint vision that they worked towards before lamb's passing. while the story of the album is incredibly sad, i am grateful to have this one last album from such a talented musician.
  3. support local business! after profiling brass, i can't wait to grab one of the dresses in the new spring collection. their kickstarter has just begun and i am drooling over their band dress. it seems like it could be a great solution for those days when i need to transition from work to play.
  4. play the mayfair. it's the 32nd annual mayfair in harvard square and my band parks will be taking the church street stage on sunday. the day long festival features local food, arts, crafts, vintage shops and great local music. it's definitely going to be a great way to celebrate the nice weather coming our way.

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