40. weekend to-do's


  1. yoga on the farm. liz and i are headed to the lovely white barn farm in wrenthem on sunday. we'll be joining yoga instructors jenn falk and carolyn little for a blissful day of yoga and fresh air.
  2. game night. my husband and i love having people over for board games. a friend recently brought over the highly addictive colorku and now we're hooked.
  3. dinner al fresco. gorgeous spring weather means finding every excuse to be outside. restaurants have set up their patios and i am happy to pull up a chair. i'm especially excited to take advantage of the outdoor seating at the brand new naco taco in central square.
  4. get down to fundamentals. i can't wait to look through kinfolk's issue sixteen: the essentials issue. this quarter's theme explores pairing down to the things we can't live without.


  1. iced tea time. after spending some much needed yoga time outside on sunday, I will be making myself a batch of refreshing home-made mint-ginger iced tea. i'm thinking about garnishing this with a mint sprig, sunglasses and a hammock.
  2. bbq time. it is now officially that magical grilling time of year. since there are numerous bbq's to be had this weekend, i will be starting my grilling season by throwing down some peaches and pairing it with vanilla ice cream. this recipe combines some some of my favorite flavors: honey, lemon, thyme, and vinegar. delicious.
  3. plant those herbs. modern sprout has a great little self-watering herb kit in a ball jar so it is a great size and easy to maintain in an apartment setting. i got my organic basil kit from boston general store and plan on setting it up in my kitchen window sill to give it plenty of light and love.

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