43. june playlist

for our june playlist, we asked the marvelous nazli rex of the band ghost box orchestra to share some of her favorite songs. what she sent us was a very special and personal collection that we know you will swoon for it as much as we did (especially when you read her description below):

"this playlist is a selection of songs that i put together for my wedding. it was a gorgeous late-spring day and took place in my parents' backyard. the first song "hoppipolla" by sigur ros was the processional for my wedding party. it has a beautiful build that really fit the idea of all of my loved ones gathering to see this important union. my dad walked me up to the tree where the ceremony took place to "bounce & float" by my band, ghost box orchestra. i chose this song because that's how i met my husband! he's plays drums and i play keyboards in the band. we've had many rock and roll adventures together. for the recessional, i chose "ageless beauty" by stars. it's a triumphant song that marty and i both love. the other songs are some of me and marty's favorites (highlights being "my cabal", "we own the sky" and "ask"). it's been a wonderful year full of love and a new baby. i hope you enjoy."


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