44. weekend to-do's

  1. chill out with a kakigori. our friend (and catalogue contributor) kimberly scott is bringing her noodle kakigori pop-up to the somerville flea this summer. kimberly creates the kakigori by using her special cast iron machine to spin a block of ice into a fine powder. she tops it off with a selection of her own flavored syrups. just don't call it a "snow-cone" - as kimberly puts it, "the texture is so fine it's incredible as opposed to the chunky ice pellets of our childhoods". come see for yourself and meet kimberly on sunday!
  2. support community herbalism. the wonderful steph zabel of flowerfolk founded herbstalk in 2011 to inspire people to learn more about herbs and wellness. this yearly event offers classes, urban plant walks and an herbal marketplace with vendors offering handmade herbal products and live plants.
  3. fiction-fest. the annual new yorker fiction issue is out and i can't wait to make a cup of tea and set aside some reading time on my back deck. this year's issue features works by zadie smith, jonathan safran foer, karen russell and more!

  1. weekend getaway! i'm traveling home to rochester, ny for a few days to spend time with family and visit some of my favorite hot spots. stay tuned for my travelogue next week!

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