45. travelogue: rochester, ny

every time i go back to visit my family in rochester, ny, i always make sure to take a stroll through the park ave area. there are so many great restaurants, bakeries, and local businesses in a concentrated area that it feels like a neighborhood in brooklyn to me. could the city i once moved away from be growing up and becoming a hip place to be? (wait, what?! could this be?). 

this past weekend, my sister introduced me to so many great places and while it was a super short trip, we packed in some good eats, well-made coffee, a local clothing shop and some sweet treats that i will not soon forget. for anyone who is visiting the rochester area, here are a few places on park avenue that should not be missed:

light, airy, and modern coffeehouse with locally made reclaimed wood furniture and delicious nitro cold brew coffee. they also make a drink called the mocha kick in case you like your caffeine spicy.

sweet little bakery with serious chops. their custom made sweets and cakes are not only delicious but gorgeous. i highly suggest the lemon lavender macaroon and the traditional chocolate chip cookie.

vintage and modern, flirty and sweet. this boutique is a local shop started by designer tanvi asher. all designs are made in a small run of each size, so every time you visit there is something new and unique.

this all vegan restaurant sits on the corner of oxford st. and park ave. with a little patio area for eating in the sunshine. and, they have mac and cheese nachos. enough said.

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  1. I live a little ways away but visit Rochester whenever I can. Pour is definitely a favorite. I have yet to visit Red Fern but it sounds fun so I'll definitely check it out. Great list!