54. sparkling lemonade with lavender and thyme

nothing says summer quite like a tall, cool glass of lemonade. we've added an herb-infused honey syrup and splash of sparkling water to make ours extra refreshing. it's a simple, delicious and beautiful treat you can serve to your guests all summer long.


12 medium lemons
1 cup raw local honey
2 cups water
1 tablespoon dried lavender
1 teaspoon black peppercorns
small bunch of fresh thyme
sparkling water

bring two cups of water to a gentle boil. add honey, dried lavender and peppercorns. we used raw local honey from follow the honey in harvard square. the taste and complexity that good honey adds is well worth the extra time it may take to seek it out. remove from heat and allow the mixture to sit for at least 10 minutes. this will allow the the lavender and peppercorns to further steep as the syrup cools down a bit.

place thyme sprigs in a heat-safe, airtight container (mason jars work perfectly). strain the syrup into the container and cover. you will likely have quite a bit of this syrup leftover after making your lemonade. it's delicious in cocktails, drizzled over fresh fruit or with soft cheese.

get juicing! this is the laborious part, but we promise it's worth it! 12 lemons should yield you roughly 2 cups of juice. a good heavy duty citrus squeezer will save you tons of time and effort.

sweeten to taste with the honey syrup. we used about a 1/2 cup, but you can certainly add more or less depending on how sweet you like your lemonade.

to create the finished drink: pour lemonade concentrate over ice (you'll want to fill the glass about halfway up). top off with sparkling water and garnish with sprigs of fresh lavender and thyme.


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