56. behind the style: danielle seaton shea

behind the style is a series we created to celebrate the items in our closet that have meaning and stories attached to them. how does a favorite piece of clothing help to define personal style? what are the ways that these pieces can be reinvented as our style evolves?

for this installment, we have the pleasure of welcoming the lovely and incredibly insightful danielle seaton shea. danielle shares how taking a style risk with her favorite red jacket helped her to start dressing like herself:

"this jacket, in all it's tacky late-80's glory (shoulder pads! ruffles! garish pattern!) is my favorite piece of clothing in my wardrobe. i proclaim that it's vintage so i can maintain my street cred, but there's no grand story that accompanies this jacket. i just love it because it's unabashedly fun and ridiculous.

once upon a time, i shunned anything that wasn't a button down, popped collar or well worn sweatshirt - i grew up in connecticut, after all - because i feared being different. standing out more than i already did was not an option i was willing to entertain.

finding this jacket, however, marked what felt like a return to me. it was love at first sight, and to this day, i haven't found another piece of clothing that has felt so inherently me.

i don't take myself too seriously and i believe that fashion should be fun. how can you not smile when wearing something like this?

i love the bright colors and spontaneity in this jacket, but what i love most is that it reminds me that i am enough. it reminds me to be bright, fearless and silly. it's a wonderful thing to stand out from the crowd."


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