67. weekend to-do's

  1. stop and smell the roses. thorn & bloom will be bringing their beautiful, artisinal fragrances to the st. germain boutique at the fairmont copley plaza for a weekend pop-up. can't wait to pick up their wild rose eau de parfum, it will be the perfect scent as we head into fall.
  2. reserve some luxe linen. true to their name, the first two pieces from zady's essentials collection have become immediate mainstays in my wardrobe. the brand new linen jersey shirt looks to be no exception. linen is my absolute favorite fabric, not only is it seasonless, but it's production creates a relatively low carbon footprint. all other pieces from this line have sold out quickly, so i'm ordering mine today!
  3. meet my matcha. matcha is a finely ground powder made from green tea leaves. it's traditionally prepared in single batches by whisking with a chasen (bamboo whisk). i've been loving the sense of ritual involved in making a cup (not to mention the boost of antioxidants it provides). freshness and quality of the tea is very important when choosing a matcha powder - bellocq offers some great options.
  4. new music! the recent release of fka twigs' gorgeous ep m3ll155x already had me excited to give my speakers a workout this weekend. now that beach house's much anticipated 5th album depression cherry is streaming on npr, i've got even more of an excuse to spend lots of time inside - bring on the rainy weather!

  1. all things somerville! my parents are coming to town and i've decided to take them on a tour of my favorite places in somerville.
  2. morning treats. forge baking company on somerville ave is a favorite of mine. they have a killer nitro coffee and their baked goods are delicious. and, our good friends at boston general store have set up a permanent pop-up shop at forge so there's even more reason to take my parents to this hot spot.
  3. afternoon sweets. after coffee, we'll be heading to taza chocolate to take a tour of the factory and check out their process of making stone ground, organic dark chocolate. they hold tours almost every hour on the weekends but, if you want to get in on that tasty chocolate, make sure to make a reservation in advance.
  4. aeronaut brewery. i've been meaning to check out aeronaut for quite some time and since it's supposed to rain all weekend, i thought i would bring my parents to their bring your own picnic event. there will be live music and i can't wait to get my hands on their current beer try a little sourness.


  1. How was the TAZA tour? Worth a visit?

  2. How was the TAZA tour? Worth a visit?

    1. It was great! They're very thorough and have a good time giving the tours. It's perfect to go there and then head on over to aeronaut for beers afterwards!