80. travelogue: snæfellsnes peninsula, iceland

iceland is one of my all-time favorite places that i've visited. i couldn't wait to go back and introduce my husband andy to this special island. this time around, we were lucky enough to explore the breathtaking snæfellsnes peninsula. surrounded by glaciers, mountains, cliffs and fjords, every place we went felt like an illustration out of a fantasy novel. here is a small taste of some of the most memorable of those places:

possibly the most beautiful hotel we've ever stayed at. located in a secluded spot on the western part of the peninsula, everything about this place is utterly dreamy. you'll find stunning views of the sea as well as lava fields (and the wild sheep that roam through them). there is also a fairytale-worthy chapel on the premises, making budir a popular wedding destination.

this truly magical place on the southern coast of the peninsula is believed to be one of the seven chakras (energy centers) of the world. one cannot help but feel this energy when standing on the black sand beach looking out at the sea. the beach is covered with black stones that have been shaped smooth by wind and waves - when wet, they shine like glass.

leir 7 makes beautiful ceramic pieces working exclusively with native icelandic clay. founder sigríður erla guðmundsdóttir uses her vast knowledge of this clay to create the pieces sold out of her stykkishólmur studio. we highly recommend stopping by for something uniquely icelandic.

also located in the town of stykkishólmur, this cozy, harborside restaurant is the perfect end to a day of exploring. romantic lighting, lovely decor and amazing seafood make this place truly special. be sure to stay for one of their delicious desserts!

extra credit:

not technically located on the snæfellsnes, but we couldn't do a post about iceland without recommending a stop here after your flight. the lagoon's relaxing and healing geothermal hot springs are the perfect way to get acquainted with the new time zone and surroundings.


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