86. caring for your cold weather essentials

we're strong believers in forgoing fast fashion by investing in timeless, quality pieces. if you're like us, a big part of preparing for chilly weather is pulling out your trusted sweaters and boots. regular care and upkeep are important in making sure your favorite garments stay beautiful for seasons to come. here are some ways that you can give these hard-working wardrobe items some extra tlc:

there is nothing cozier than your favorite sweater. but well-worn can quickly turn to worn-out when you don't take the proper steps to care for your seasonal knits.

-if your sweaters have been stored away since spring, you will want to air them out by hanging in the fresh air for a few hours. go a step further by misting them with a lightly-scented linen water. you can prolong the life of your sweaters by washing every four wears and repeating this step to keep them fresh.

-gently remove any lint that has accumulated with a lint brush, we suggest investing in a reusable one - burstenhaus redecker makes a lovely version. if you have pilling that can't be removed with a brush, you will want to gently go over them with a sweater stone or a razor.

-storing your sweaters on hangers (or even just regular wear) can cause them to stretch out. to get them back in shape, mist with water and put them in the dryer on high heat until completely dry. the more you saturate the sweater with water, the more shrinkage you can expect.

-be sure you are storing your sweaters in a way that isn't causing future damage. never hang your sweater, always fold or roll them. store with red cedar blocks to ward off moths.

boots are your best bet for keeping you warm and dry as the weather changes. to best way to ensure that they continue to keep your feet protected is with a regular routine of cleansing, conditioning and protecting. otter wax's leather care kit has all the items you need.

-gently cleanse with saddle soap to prepare the leather and remove salt and stains. use a damp cloth or brush to work up a lather and apply to the boots in circular motion. once clean, allow to dry completely.

-follow with a leather salve to re-hydrate and add a layer of protection. work the salve in with a rag until a soft shine begins to appear.

-a good leather oil is the best way to condition and add immediate shine. apply with a brush until thos boots look like new!

-be sure to store your boots upright. a shoeform, or bunched up newpaper inserted into the boot will help them to keep their form.

these cold weather essentials will take care of you throughout the next few months. isn't it worth taking the time to make sure that they are properly cared for as well? all of the items in this story were purchased from our friends at boston general store, they can be purchased online or at their brand new brick and mortar shop in coolidge corner.

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