87. weekend to-do's

  1. witchy weekend reading. i just picked up my copy of the witches: salem, 1692 and i can't wait to dig in to this historically significant and seasonally appropriate story. in the capable hands of biographer stacy schiff, the witches recounts the events beginning in 1692 salem that would eventually lead to the infamous witch trials.
  2. poses and plants. my two very wise and inspiring friends, jenn falk and steph zabel are teaming up for a yoga and herbalism workshop that will focus on strengthening the immune system as we enter the colder seasons. the workshop will take place at bow street yoga in union square on saturday.
  3. a day with the dutch masters. currently on exhibit at the mfa is class distinctions: dutch painting in the age of rembrandt and vermeer - an unprecedented collection of 75 works by over a dozen dutch masters. the show represents and contrasts all levels of 17th century dutch society and includes pieces by rembrandt, vermeer, jan steen, pieter de hooch, gerard ter borch and gabriel metsu.
  4. apple everything. i went a little overboard while apple picking last weekend and we have way too many apples for our little 2-person household. looks like i will be using apples in both savory and sweet preparations for days to come...

  1. local beer night. night shift brewery has announced the return of their delicious creation, the mainer weisse and i can't wait to get my hands on it. this sour ale boasts flavors of maine blueberries and cinnamon sticks. while it is pricey at $14 a bottle, all the beers on tap are fantastic and the trip there is well worth it.
  2. bluth it up. this year, riverbar is hosting an arrested development themed party on halloween night. there's always money in the banana stand and saturday night it comes in the form of house-made coconut rum cocktails. amazing arrested development puns and delicious drinks all night? yes, please.
  3. pumpkin everything. while li is loading up on apple recipes this weekend, i'm still on my pumpkin kick. this pumpkin muffin recipe is one my favorite fall time staples. the muffins make for an easy morning breakfast during the week and the batter is simple to make. add some trader joe's chocolate chunks to appease your sweet tooth if you're anything like me.

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