95. weekend to-do's


  1. gifts of green. herbstalk's annual wintergreen holiday market takes place this weekend at the armory in somerville. can't wait to stock up on handmade herbal gifts and to see the latest offerings from our friends at flowerfolk and thorn & bloom.
  2. crafts and cats. bust magazine's craftacular is back. they will be at the cyclorama saturday and sunday featuring unique gifts from local vendors. broken tail rescue will also be there hosting a cat cafe full of adorable and adoptable friends to snuggle.
  3. get carded. now that we are in the full swing of the season, it's time to choose our annual holiday card to send out to family and friends. i have a feeling janine from kwotations will have the perfect thing.


  1. get crafty. i have some leather scraps that are calling to be made into something useful. this local leather supply company has so many great accessories that i've decided to capitalize on this and make holiday gifts for family and friends. (tutorials and photos of said gifts to come after the holidays. don't want to ruin the surprise).
  2. netflix binge. the bbc's river is a six part crime thriller series now out on netflix. it stars swedish actor stellan skarsgard and tells the story of a genius police investigator with visions of his murder victims during the investigations. i love a good crime drama and this one seems very promising.
  3. play, play, play. this sunday night, my band parks will be playing with touring band night riots at the middle east upstairs. it's an early show with doors at 7:00pm so we won't keep you out too late on a school night.


94. diy wreath

we're getting into the holiday spirit and adding some beauty to our homes with a basic diy wreath this thanksgiving. bring a bit of natural, simple beauty to your space too with this quick and easy project.

12" wire wreath form 
green floral wire
1 bunch seeded eucalyptus
2 bunches ruscus leaves  

start by wrapping individual stalks of the ruscus leaves on the wire form. work around in a clockwise direction so all the leaves are facing the same direction. once you make it around the wreath once, go back around and fill in any areas that look sparse. some pieces you will have to wrap with wire and flip the wreath over to twist the wire tight.

now that you have a green leafy base, you can add the seeded eucalyptus where you see fit. we chose to use the eucalyptus as an asymmetrical accent at the bottom of the wreath but, you could place pieces of it all the way around if you'd like.

all in all, it cost us around $15 and now we have a beautiful holiday wreath. inside it should last about two weeks, outside about 4 weeks. we plan on repeating this with pine for winter!


93. weekend to-do's


  1. easy baking. monday marks the annual thanksgiving potluck that i take part in with my co-workers. we have an incredibly diverse office with many of us growing up in all different parts of the world - makes for a beautiful and delicious bounty of food. this year i have offered to bake the bread. i plan on baking this garlic herb challah bread on sunday night. it sounds delicious and will make my kitchen smell amazing!
  2. root for a new heroine. marvel's jessica jones premiers today on netflix. it's getting amazing reviews for being like nothing else on television. i'm excited to check out this new spin on the superhero.
  3. skate date. i'm ready to get into the holiday spirit (and get in a good workout), so i'm going to head to the johnson ice rink at mit and lace up some skates. this indoor rink offers public skate times and lessons.

  1. live music fix. local band kingsley flood will take the stage at the sinclair tonight. i have been a fan of their music for a while now but have not seen them live so this will be an exciting way to start the weekend. i know i say this every time but, the sinclair is my favorite venue in town so this show is doubly awesome!
  2. all in one. now that the weather is getting chilly, i'm looking for warm, comfort food recipes that are easy to make. this one pot pasta dish is from one of my favorite food blogs, something to snack on. the recipe is simple and the images are beautiful. plus, i've been jonesing for a good pasta dish that is light but filling. put a little roasted chicken on the side and voila, delicious dinner.
  3. clean house. so many of my close friends have read the life changing magic of tidying up so it is time i got on board. i tend to keep a pretty neat house to begin with but i like the focus on the zen quality of a space and can't wait to dig into this book.


92. the french 5: autumn // winter

we're back with the fall/winter edition of our french 5 series. we've been sticking to the seasonal 5-piece wardrobe for a full year now, and we love how it's taught us to be more thoughtful about how we shop. by limiting ourselves to only 5 new pieces each season to compliment the basics already in our closets, we've been able to hone concise and harmonious wardrobes full of well-made garments. 

still curious about the concept? check out our post on the basics

here are the pieces we'll be rocking throughout the cold-weather seasons -


fell eco sweater by farmer's market a precious souvenir from my recent trip to iceland, this undyed wool sweater has already become a staple. it's the warmest, coziest piece i own - i wear it at least once a week.
wegner hat by janessa leone i've been wanting one of janessa leone's handmade hats for a while now. this ashy brown number with a black leather band is just perfect.
smoking shoe by nisolo a great alternative to the basic ballet flat, these slipper-shaped leather shoes are incredibly versatile and beautifully made.
the everlane trench it doesn't get more classic than a well-cut trench coat. it takes even the most simple outfit to catherine deneuve-level chic.
sweater dress by make it good it's tough to find a chunky knit sweater dress that's also graceful and drapey. make it good has cracked the code and made a super comfy and stylish piece.

black tank maxi by brass i've had my eye on this dress for quite some time. brass' maxi is great for layering and works well with ankle booties in the fall months. the shape is extremely flattering and the color works with everything in my wardrobe.
okello crewneck sweater by raven +lily this sweater is made from 100% organic cotton grown with no pesticides or chemical fertilizers and made by women in kenya. not only is this piece eco-friendly, it has a beautiful open weave that will make it wearable all year long.
cashmere slouch hat by ash & rose made from recycled cashmere sweaters, this hat is sure to be comfy, stylish and warm all winter long. the charcoal color is lush and the shape of the hat is casual but can be dressy too.
unbalanced length top by gracia the asymmetrical line and large pleats along the waistline of this top make this piece unique. it's professional enough to wear to work but will transition nicely for a night out with friends.
chelsea leather boots by & other stories a twist on the classic chelsea boot style, these shoes have an elastic band that runs from the ankle around the back for a comfortable fit. these are perfect someone like myself who walks everywhere, even in the cooler months.


91. weekend to-do's

  1. raise the barre for a good cause. barre & soul's harvard square studio is offering a special class on sunday to raise funds and awareness for rosie's place. founded in 1974, rosie's place was the first women's shelter in the united states. they allow women to seek opportunity and find security while maintaining their dignity in a safe environment.
  2. jack of all trades... have you been watching aziz ansari's new show master of none? if not, i highly suggest you queue it up for some serious binge watching this weekend. it's hilarious, insightful and wonderfully written.
  3. easy vegan dinners. i just opened my first meal kit from the purple carrot and couldn't be more pleased. there are a few very important differences that set them apart from similar services on the market. all of the meals are plant-based with ethically-sourced ingredients, they use minimal, eco-friendly packaging and they've recently added the wonderful mark bittman to their team.

  1. local music night. hallelujuiah the hills, eternals and landlady are performing this friday night at cuisine en locale in somerville. two of the three bands are bringing new music from their upcoming albums.
  2. yoga and beer! night shift brewery in everett is offering a free yoga class this sunday morning at 11:00 am. core power yoga teacher kat o'leary will be leading the one hour vinyasa flow inside their brewery. afterwards, the tap room will be open for a little post-yoga beer time. delicious!
  3. stylish shopping. remodelista is a well known source for design enthusiasts. this weekend, they are putting on an open market at the lekker home showroom in the south end. they have curated a collection of local purveyors, artists, gourmet food trucks and locally made beverages to kick off the holiday shopping season. our friends at loyal supply co will be there, offering their beautifully made home goods. this should be a great start to my holiday gift shopping.


90. profile: eternals

we're always thrilled to share new music with our readers, especially when it is a great local artist. eternals are boston-based and combining folky songs with dreamy synths, the four have been working on their second record and exploring new sounds in the studio. we sat down with singer/ songwriter stephen konrads to chat about the band's musical inspirations and to get some inside perspective on their upcoming record.

what has been your most recent unexpected source(s) of inspiration? 
we were finishing up our new record this last weekend. one of the songs we were working on has a shuffle feel, "everybody wants to rule the world" kind of vibe. our bassist wayne suggested we add a super, super clean guitar part. like on a quincy jones record. so we ended up plugging eric's guitar into a solid-state amp from the 80's and it made his guitar sound like glass. it was perfect. but i think two or three years ago, we would never had considered doing that.

what made you choose "out of context" as the first single from your upcoming lp? 
it's a digestible sample of the new sound we've been working on. in essence, it's a simple folk-rock inspired song. leo melanson's pedal steel parts are just gorgeous. the versions that we had early on in tracking with just that and the band sounded great. then i added some generative noise and a really bright sounding synth. it's a pretty constant song dynamically, and i think you can get lost in it's lushness.

what was the inspiration for your recent single artwork?  
i love how artist ben styer uses really vibrant, warm colors against black backgrounds. the erupting volcanos in the artwork for "out of context" remind me of the higher frequency synths that we used. there's a real honesty and immediacy to his art, and i think we try to achieve the same thing. if you don't follow his instagram, you should.

this is eternals second record. how did this album differ from the first in terms of process, recording, and outcome? 
on the first record, i had a lot of the arrangements planned out prior to production. some of our new songs went through two or three completely different arrangement before we settled on one to record. the process has been very collaborative and very creative.

what kinds of sounds/feelings do you pursue in your music? 
on this record we were trying to strike a balance between the more natural sounds of the four of us playing in a room and the synthetic and hybrid sounds i've been messing around with. we wanted to make something that sounds expansive, but still sounds achievable by four people.

who are some of your major sources of musical inspiration and why? 
we definitely take a lot of cues from records that were recorded before we were born. it's pretty hard to deny that influence because those records work. this last winter, i was listening to a lot of ambient, stagnant music. that personally influenced my approach on the synthetic elements of the record, but it doesn't really define it though. those textural elements are there, but we're using them to serve a song. that's the thing that comes first.

how do you see the band's music changing over time? 
now that this record is really done, it gives us a lot of freedom to mess around with new ideas. we'll probably learn a bunch of covers and mess around with new gear and new instruments. but yeah, it's hard to say what that means in terms of evolving the sound. we put a lot of energy into these songs and making them sound right. maybe we won't change a thing.

what would be eternals' dream project? 
collaborating with an artist who made records in the 60's and 70's. like how mavis staples has been making records with jeff tweedy. there are so many great records like that that have come out in the last few years. i think we all wish we were the ones playing sideman and cowriting the tunes. if we can't do that, i guess we'll settle for a split 7" with steely dan.

what is the best piece of creative advice you've ever been given?  
i had a teacher who taught me how important it was to go into writing with an idea in mind. it could be something really simple like a rhythm or a feeling. or you might have a larger concept you want to tackle. i think that's always been really helpful for me.

what is the best piece of creative advice you have to give?
first thought, best thought.

take a listen to the new single "out of context" here and be sure to follow eternals for the next chance to catch these guys at an upcoming show.


89. weekend to-do's

  1. bring on the beignets. bisq, one of inman square's newest destinations, started serving brunch last weekend and I'm eager to get a taste!
  2. flaunt some seriously healthy hair. I've been on the hunt for a great all-natural shampoo, free of sulfates and parabens. this has required some trial and error, but i finally found a winner with j.r. liggett's bar shampoo . it's 100% natural and since it's a solid, requires the most minimal of packaging.
  3. dinner party delight. i loved rachel khoo's first two cookbooks and recently got my hands on her newest, rachel khoo's kitchen notebook. laid out more like a journal, this is her most personal book - it even features her lovely sketches of ingredients. can't wait to test a few of the recipes out on some friends we have coming by this weekend.

  1. fight the cold. i've been dealing with a pesky cold all week and this apple cider vinegar based drink recipe has been on repeat. i like to add a little turmeric as well to help with any coughing.
  2. refill the honey. with all of my cold fighting drinks, i seem to have used up all the honey in my kitchen. i'll be visiting follow the honey in harvard square to stock up. in addition to fighting colds, local honey is known to reduce or even eliminate seasonal allergies so the benefits of this natural sweetener are two fold.
  3. hike it out. the weather has been incredible here all week and i'm hoping to take advantage of it to catch the last of the beautiful foliage happening in new england. going to hit up the skyline trail at middlesex fells reservation. there's a spot at the top with a terrific view of the city-hence the name. can't wait to get out and enjoy the fresh air!


88. november playlist

the transition to shorter, colder days usually results in spending much more time inside. one of our favorite was to make the most of this time is with a relaxed and swoony playlist. whether you're planning a cozy gathering or a quiet night in, these songs go best with candlelight and a glass of red wine.