89. weekend to-do's

  1. bring on the beignets. bisq, one of inman square's newest destinations, started serving brunch last weekend and I'm eager to get a taste!
  2. flaunt some seriously healthy hair. I've been on the hunt for a great all-natural shampoo, free of sulfates and parabens. this has required some trial and error, but i finally found a winner with j.r. liggett's bar shampoo . it's 100% natural and since it's a solid, requires the most minimal of packaging.
  3. dinner party delight. i loved rachel khoo's first two cookbooks and recently got my hands on her newest, rachel khoo's kitchen notebook. laid out more like a journal, this is her most personal book - it even features her lovely sketches of ingredients. can't wait to test a few of the recipes out on some friends we have coming by this weekend.

  1. fight the cold. i've been dealing with a pesky cold all week and this apple cider vinegar based drink recipe has been on repeat. i like to add a little turmeric as well to help with any coughing.
  2. refill the honey. with all of my cold fighting drinks, i seem to have used up all the honey in my kitchen. i'll be visiting follow the honey in harvard square to stock up. in addition to fighting colds, local honey is known to reduce or even eliminate seasonal allergies so the benefits of this natural sweetener are two fold.
  3. hike it out. the weather has been incredible here all week and i'm hoping to take advantage of it to catch the last of the beautiful foliage happening in new england. going to hit up the skyline trail at middlesex fells reservation. there's a spot at the top with a terrific view of the city-hence the name. can't wait to get out and enjoy the fresh air!

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