93. weekend to-do's


  1. easy baking. monday marks the annual thanksgiving potluck that i take part in with my co-workers. we have an incredibly diverse office with many of us growing up in all different parts of the world - makes for a beautiful and delicious bounty of food. this year i have offered to bake the bread. i plan on baking this garlic herb challah bread on sunday night. it sounds delicious and will make my kitchen smell amazing!
  2. root for a new heroine. marvel's jessica jones premiers today on netflix. it's getting amazing reviews for being like nothing else on television. i'm excited to check out this new spin on the superhero.
  3. skate date. i'm ready to get into the holiday spirit (and get in a good workout), so i'm going to head to the johnson ice rink at mit and lace up some skates. this indoor rink offers public skate times and lessons.

  1. live music fix. local band kingsley flood will take the stage at the sinclair tonight. i have been a fan of their music for a while now but have not seen them live so this will be an exciting way to start the weekend. i know i say this every time but, the sinclair is my favorite venue in town so this show is doubly awesome!
  2. all in one. now that the weather is getting chilly, i'm looking for warm, comfort food recipes that are easy to make. this one pot pasta dish is from one of my favorite food blogs, something to snack on. the recipe is simple and the images are beautiful. plus, i've been jonesing for a good pasta dish that is light but filling. put a little roasted chicken on the side and voila, delicious dinner.
  3. clean house. so many of my close friends have read the life changing magic of tidying up so it is time i got on board. i tend to keep a pretty neat house to begin with but i like the focus on the zen quality of a space and can't wait to dig into this book.

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