94. diy wreath

we're getting into the holiday spirit and adding some beauty to our homes with a basic diy wreath this thanksgiving. bring a bit of natural, simple beauty to your space too with this quick and easy project.

12" wire wreath form 
green floral wire
1 bunch seeded eucalyptus
2 bunches ruscus leaves  

start by wrapping individual stalks of the ruscus leaves on the wire form. work around in a clockwise direction so all the leaves are facing the same direction. once you make it around the wreath once, go back around and fill in any areas that look sparse. some pieces you will have to wrap with wire and flip the wreath over to twist the wire tight.

now that you have a green leafy base, you can add the seeded eucalyptus where you see fit. we chose to use the eucalyptus as an asymmetrical accent at the bottom of the wreath but, you could place pieces of it all the way around if you'd like.

all in all, it cost us around $15 and now we have a beautiful holiday wreath. inside it should last about two weeks, outside about 4 weeks. we plan on repeating this with pine for winter!

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