100. behind the style: matt girard

we're back with one of our favorite series. we are huge fans of investing in beautiful, versatile pieces and behind the style is meant to bring focus to the meaning and story behind a favorite wardrobe item.

we're so excited to welcome musician and all-around style star, matt girard. his superdry real hero biker jacket is the definition of rocker cool. we'll let matt tell you more about how he found this classic piece:

"there's something about a nice leather jacket that oozes the epitome of hip; james dean, brando, the fonz, maverick and even post-apocalyptic mad max (and the list goes on and on). so, given these illustrious examples, i've been casually on the lookout for one for years. the first one that really caught my eye and really started a mild infatuation with obtaining one came from a trip to los angeles and the fancy abbot kinney in venice beach where i found a classic designed lewis leathers super sportsman and fell in love (except, the price scared me away since you can buy used cars for the price of the jacket). after that discovery, i upped my search in earnest. fast forward a bit, and i'm in london for my brother's wedding. in the chic neighborhood i was in (and i honestly forget which, there are a few!) i wandered into a superdry store and what do i find on the rack? but the real hero biker jacket - just in the size and style i wanted with a price to match. needless to say, there wasn't much hemming and hawing about grabbing it.

having something that's so classic (the style itself dates back from the late 60's for racing motorcyclists) it is pretty easy to function with different styles - but i do think it works best when it's paired with a casual outfit, and you can't get much more comfortable than my well broken in a.p.c. jeans and a henley. it also gives me a good excuse to be as rock n' roll as possible and bring out my black frye walter boots. being that it's a little cold this morning, i thought i would add a bit of color and warmth with the scarf, which was a little present to myself from my latest overseas adventure to peru with my girlfriend.

being that i consider this a heritage piece, it is one of the things in my closet that i always look forward to pairing with new items and without the fear of it suddenly going out of style."