101. weekend to-do's


  1. use the force. star wars: the force awakens has officially opened and i don't think i will be alone in putting a trip to the theater at the top of my to-do list this weekend. 3d i-max, obvi.
  2. last minute gifts. i've still got some secret santas and yankee swaps to shop for. no matter what the price limit, black ink never fails to have something special and quirky.
  3. ice, ice baby. we're planning to spend a low-key christmas eve at home with some movies and sweet treats. since there is literally nothing that can't be improved by ice cream, we're planning to order several pints of the galley's holiday flavors. hot chocolate with some white chocolate & peppermint stick... cake with a scoop of chocolate rosemary ... yum! (ps, they deliver!)


  1. wrapping fever. every year i try to out-do myself in the holiday gift wrapping realm. this year is no exception. mini cedar wreaths will adorn my kraft paper creations this year. i'm going for a simple, festive look that smells good too.
  2. vino selection. every friday night, ball square fine wines hosts a free tasting featuring selected wines and beers. i'm headed here to pick up a few bottles for all of the holiday gatherings coming up over the next week. i've got my eyes out for a good bottle of pino and will report back on my findings.
  3. car ride soundtrack. there's nothing better than a good playlist on a road trip. this weekend, i'll be putting together a few lists for my car ride home for the holidays. any good suggestions?

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