96. december playlist

to help us greet december in style, we reached out to a playlist master. brian king is the lead singer of the band parks and has a knack for always knowing the right tune for an occasion - be it a classic or something from a new local band. here's how brian describes this month's mix of seasonally appropriate gems:

"this is a playlist for those who, like myself, enjoy the coziness of the holidays but aren't thrilled with the cold weather and ubiquitous christmas music played from november to january. i combined some lesser-known/yet familiar christmas classics alongside some other tunes that capture the introspective and winter-y vibe of the season (i.e. there will be sleigh bells). it's definitely not a "party" playlist, but it'll make those short and dark days spent indoors a little moodier and warm."


be sure to follow brian and his parks bandmates on instagram and facebook.

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