97. weekend to-do's


  1. take it outdoors. we are supposed to get some lovely, sunny weather this weekend - perfect for a run around the charles. as luck would have it, i just received my ov kit from outdoor voices. this color coordinated bundle has leggings, a crop top and hoodie (basically everything i need to stay warm, comfy and sporty).
  2. dinner and a show. andy and i have tickets to see the magical joanna newsom on sunday night at the orpheum. before that, we plan to get a quiet dinner at one of my favorite restaurants in the neighborhood, the marliave. oysters + fancy cocktails + cozy decor = perfect date spot.
  3. gifts with meaning. holiday gifting and decorating can start to feel a bit superficial, especially with the devastating stories that seem to come out daily in the news. for the past few years, i've opted to make (and request) charitable donations in lieu of gifts. thoughtful companies like storq have made this practice even more effective by matching donations to circle of health, which provides medicine, supplies and direct services to refugees in europe.


  1. potato salad, hold the mayo. i'm always on the hunt for new delicious recipes and this one caught my eye this week- especially since there is no mayo involved. it looks super simple and packed with flavor.
  2. practice that lettering. i'm going to brush up on my calligraphy skills this weekend in preparation for my annual hand-made christmas cards. skillshare has an excellent selection of calligraphy classes, ranging from beginner level to expert. for those of you who don't know me well, i love giving thoughtful, hand-made cards and the holidays are the perfect time for it!
  3. live and local. i'll be cheering on boston-based band eddie japan tonight at johnny d's in davis square. they're opening up for the third incarnation of he famous band martha davis + the motels and it is sure to be a fun show.

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