103. weekend to-do's


  1. funny business. david cross is launching his first stand-up comedy tour in 6 years. he'll be making a boston stop at the wilbur theater in march. tickets go on sale today and i can't wait to get my seats for what promises to be a fun night!
  2. kitchen classics. one of my resolutions for 2016 is to start a sunday dinner tradition at my house. spending one day a week to take a little extra time and care and prepare a classic dish for family and friends. this rich coq au vin recipe sounds like the perfect winter indulgence.
  3. light bright. having a smaller window of daylight hours can be tough this time of year, especially when you are trying to get out of bed in the morning. this philips wake-up light has made a huge difference for me. not only does the lamp mimic a sunrise, but you can replace your jarring alarm with the gentle chirping of birds. good morning, indeed.


  1. skate into the new year. now that it is finally cold enough to feel like winter, i'm lacing up ice skates and getting out on the frog pond. there's nothing better than a cup of hot chocolate, some music and a little time on the ice to warm up a winter weekend.
  2. still life slow down. one of my favorite lifestyle photographers, christina greve, is challenging photographers to slow down and take time to reflect on the details of their surroundings with a single photo each week. this week's photo reflection assignment asks for one photo showing the "nuanced textures of life". stay tuned to see what i come up with!
  3. brass cocktails. i'm going to grab myself an "expert level" cocktail at brass union and play some board games tonight. the tenacious tea has my name written all over it. this will be followed by whatever delicious beer they have on tap from my favorite local brewery, night shift brewing.

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