109. weekend to-dos

  1. david and brian and philip. mit is hosting an orchestral tribute to david bowie tonight. this performance will be the boston premier of philip glass symphonies no.1 "low" and no. 4 "heroes". both works were inspired by david bowie and brian eno's collaboration on the "berlin triology" of low, heroes and lodger. should be a truly memorable way to honor a genius collaboration. all proceeds will benefit the mit cancer research fund.
  2. frida. the mfa recently acquired it's first painting by frida kahlo. dos mujers (salvadora y herminia) was painted in 1928 and depicts two women who were maids in kahlo's mother's household. the painting is on view now through march 1st.
  3. rhianna. rhianna dropped her eagerly awaited album anti yesterday. dance party at my house.
  1. wilco. after all these years, i am finally getting to see them live at the orpheum as part of their two night stint here in boston.
  2. winter relax. amie lytle of the corner studio in medford is now offering thai massage. this type of massage combines acupressure and assisted yoga poses to relax and heal the body.
  3. winter walk. going to take advantage of the beautiful and unseasonably warm weather we are having here in boston by exploring the city with my camera. i haven't gotten a photo walk in for quite some time. stay tuned for pictures!

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