115. diy yoga mat bag

we've been keeping warm this winter with lots of yoga. every time we get to class, we both think, "i really need to get a bag to keep my mat clean and make it easier to carry". so we decided to make a simple, stylish yoga mat bag that is easy to clean and makes trekking through the snowy weather a little bit easier.

items you will need:

fabric (linen or cotton fabrics work nicely)
sewing machine
fabric measuring tape
your yoga mat

measure out and cut all pieces of your fabric according to the pattern above. you may need to adjust the size of your fabric cut outs depending on the measurements of your yoga mat. we chose a contrasting fabric for the strap and the pocket to give our bag some extra style.

for advanced seamstresses, you can add a lining to make the bag stronger. for those of you who are new to sewing, you can just cut out a second large rectangle and double up to give your bag more strength. this is optional, but a smart choice so your bag is stronger and will last longer.

heat up your iron on a setting appropriate for the fabric you are using. we worked with a medium weight linen and a seersucker, so we have it on a steam setting.

fold over three edges of your pocket and press with the iron. then pin your pocket to the front side of your largest rectangular piece of fabric (this will be the bag).

sew the pocket on to the front side of the fabric.

once the pocket is in place, lay our your bag fabric, pocket side down. fold in the top edge of the fabric. press, pin and sew. this will finish off the top edge of your bag.

set aside the bag portion of the fabric and find your long rectangular piece of fabric. this is going to be your strap.

fold your strap material in half, lengthwise, with the right side of the fabric together. pin, press and sew. once you are done sewing, turn it inside out so that the right side of the fabric is now on the outside.

press the strap so that the fabric is flat and the seam is hidden in the side of the strap.

lay out your largest rectangle with the pocket side up. line up the ends of your strap on the edge of the bag and pin (we placed our approximately 3" up from the bottom and 6" down from the top of the bag).

fold the bag in half, sandwiching the strap inside the bag. pin and sew up the edges of the bag.

reinforce the strap are with a second round of stitching (we've used a second round of stitching to reinforce the entire bag, which is optional).

turn your bag inside out and trim any loose threads.

voila! a stylish, functional, washable diy yoga mat!

namaste friends!


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