119. travelogue: portland, maine

this past weekend i made a trip up to portland, maine with a friend to celebrate his 9th birthday. (in case you're looking at the photos below confused, he's a leap year baby). we walked the streets happily overwhelmed with all the great shops and amazing food this city has to offer in such a small condensed area. here is a short list of some of our favorite spots from the weekend:

this four story building is chock-full of unique architectural elements, antiques, and decorative accessories. many of their pieces are period materials for those who are renovating historic properties looking to stay to true to the original architecture. their decorative items are great as well. i walked away with some beautiful antique frames for some of my artwork. you just never know what you will find at this place!

this noodle spot is a perfect restaurant for a savory and warm meal. i highly recommend the lobster wontons and any one of their house made noodle bowls. in addition to being delicious, i like that they incorporate ingredients from local farmers for their dishes. definitely hit up this sweet spot.

this maine based design house makes beautiful, functional, and timeless leather bags. their new flagship showroom here in portland recently opened a few months ago and i was psyched to get a chance to take a stroll through. each bag is hand made from carefully curated materials in what they call a "rugged understated luxurious" style. i now own two of their bags and can speak for the high quality and longevity of their skillfully made bags.

if you're looking for an amazing lobster roll and some of the finest oysters, this is the place for you. the steamed buns are unlike any other and the interior design is spot on. the raw bar features a large block of maine granite housing the shellfish display. be ready for a little bit of a wait here as the dining room is on the smaller side but, i will say, it is worth it. 



  1. I gotta have that PUSH plate!! Great photos, as usual ;)

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