126. weekend to-do's

  1. don't just stand there, let's get to it. choreographer trajal harrell has been called the "next martha graham". he's bringing his latest piece in the series twenty looks or paris is burning at the judson church to the ica this weekend. for antigone sr., harrell uses vogueing to re imagine the greek myth of antigone.
  2. brain train. elevate, my new favorite app, is a personalized, game-based cognitive training tool that helps to build communication and analytical skills. 10 minutes of exercises every night help to build mental agility and memory. it's like a workout plan for your brain.
  3. shake it. we just got a new blender and i've been putting it to daily use by starting my day with a healthy smoothie. my current favorite combination is a mix of avocado, spinach, mint and hemp milk.

  1. brunch bonanza. i'll be digging into some delicious breakfast creations at cafe luna in central square this weekend. the dining room is small but the menu is huge. i've got my eye on the butternut squash and goat cheese omelet. or maybe the lemon ricotta pancakes with fresh berries. this is going to be a tough decision.
  2. get crafty. i recently purchased a book of sewing patterns from design house alabama studio. in order to stock up on materials, i'm heading over to gather here for some organic cotton jersey. i'm planning on including some hand-made items to my spring/summer capsule wardrobe. stay tuned!

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