128. weekend to-do's

  1. embrace the rainy day movie date. looks like we're in for some gloomy weather this weekend - always a great excuse to escape to a theater. ciro guerra's embrace of the serpent has been creating some really promising buzz. inspired by real-life events, this beautifully shot black and white film tells the story of an amazonian shaman and a scientist who, over the course of 40 years, builds a friendship with him.
  2. vibe-ology. ever since hearing gallant's epic single, "weight in gold" last year, i've been waiting patiently for the album to be released. my patience has paid off. ology is a gorgeous r&b album showcasing his stylistic range and soulful falsetto. you can get a first listen on npr's site. it's the perfect sunday night soundtrack.
  3. spring dreaming. sunny days might not be here to stay quite yet, but they are just around the corner. to get in the spirit, i've been filling my apartment with different colored hyacinths. their fresh, beautiful fragrance makes the last of these chilly weekends at little easier to wait out.

  1. beer + ice cream = a great friday night. nightshift brewery and our friends at the galley ice cream are pairing up once again for an event tonight at the brewery's tasting room. they're celebrating the galley's 1st birthday with a sundae bar and some delicious cold brewed brews.
  2. local music weekend. two promising boston bands are releasing albums today. surf vietnam and their new concept record are definitely worth a listen. secondly, hot molasses is celebrating their album release tonight at the lily pad in inman square. can't wait to check them both out.
  3. get my glow on. i'll be trying out some restorative yoga classes this weekend after a shoulder injury. yogaglo is one of my favorite ways to practice at home with tons of great classes available online by teachers like kathryn budig and elena brauer. namaste friends.

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