137. weekend to-do's

  1. cut back on the chaos. i love reading books about decluttering and productivity - there is something meditative about re-examining how you organize your space and your life. i am so happy to have stumbled upon fay wolf's book new order: a decluttering handbook for creative folks (and everyone else). she offers great tips on streamlining while also embracing imperfection. can't wait to incorporate her process into my spring cleaning routine!
  2. rainy weekend retrospective. looks like we're in for more gloomy weather this weekend, making for a great excuse to go to the movies. the harvard film archive is presenting a near-complete retrospective on the groundbreaking work of filmmaker chick strand. strand was a pioneer in blending documentary, avant-garde and ethnographic techniques.
  3. ps. james blake dropped a new album today!

  1. san francisco here i come! i'm jumping on a plane to head west for a much needed vacation. my best friend from high school and i are taking the week to hike muir woods, explore the delicious cuisine and reconnect with each other. stay tuned for my travelogue!

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